Welcome to the woodcutting guide. This will get you to 99 wc the way I've done it.

First you will need to buy a hatchet. You can buy them from Nurmof right next to the mining area.

Start out on a regular tree (lv.1 wc) and you should be from level 30- 40 from your first tree.

Next cut down oak trees (lv.15 wc) until you get to 45 woodcutting. (Note: Some oak trees wont give you logs so cut the oak trees next to the building with Miles and Giles)

Once you have 45 wc you can now cut maple trees. They are southwest of the pvp mage tower.

You can cut these until you get to 75 wc so you can cut magic trees or 60 wc if you are a member then you can cut yew trees.

Then just keep cutting magic or yew trees until 99 woodcutting!!!!!!!!!

Once you have 99wc get about 100k talk to Bob in the bar/tavern and get your skill cape. :D

Exp for each tree.

  • Logs- 800 exp
  • Oak logs-1000 exp
  • Maple logs- 4000 exp
  • Yew logs- ?
  • Magic logs-5000 exp

You can sell these trees to the shop assistant. You can also sell to Miles who is right next to a magic tree. (Note: Price goes down if you sell a lot.)

  • Logs- 1 coins
  • Oak logs- 6 coins
  • Maple logs- 200 coins
  • Yew logs- ?
  • Magic logs- 1,400 coins

Hope this helped!