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Starting Out Edit

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So, You joined Yanillescape. No matter why you did, whether you're fed up witb Jagex, or just happened upon it, it still starts out confusing.

To start you need to think of what you want to be. A skiller, or a fighter.

Both can offer a steady profit, and can be enjoyable, but they also have their ups and downs:



More Fame Risky
More Fun More Training

Higher Profit

Faster Money Unsure Profit

So basically, fighting is just a gamble. If you are good, you can kill people in PK and make huge amounts of money, but if you aren't, you lose your gear.

Monster hunting is also popular(mostly Green Dragons), but PKing is better money.


You have to be very careful PKing, and you shouldn't unless you are a VERY high level, due to the fact that 94% of the pkers are level 130+. Why? Because people level up faster than new people join. At a 3:1 ratio, 3 meaning the amount of people who will become impossible to kill until the 1 person becomes level 138(maxed out) to even them up, and so on. However, if you are able to do well, you'll be set for life!


1. Do not try to be a pure! (A pure is someone who attempts to level up specific stats to do high damage, but keep a low level)

For all you pures of Runescape, do not be one here! It is useless due to the fact that fighters ARE NOT SEPERATED BY LEVELS! Anyone can attack you, all that matters is pure stomping power.

2. Only pk with armour and weapons you know you can pay back, you can die without knowing what hit you.

3. High magic protection and anti-magic prayers dont protect against Ancient Magick specialties(freeze,poison,leach,weaken)



Safe Less money
Start faster Not as fun
Easy Repetitive
Make more friends Less fame

Skilling is the standard way of making money. It offers a nice steady flow of money, but not as much maximum loot as pking.

The best money is theiving, as once you get to the gem stand, its 35k every steal, but its very tedious.


1. The sad part about skilling, is that you can't do much with the billions you earn, because you need attack to wield weapons, and defence to wear armour. Skilling is mostly for bragging rights. Though most "rares" can still be used.

2. If you make money via thieving, you can just stand there and make all the money you want. No risks, no runs, just cha-ching.

3.Try to stick with one skill(woodcut,thief,mine,fish). It will save you time and money.

Get going!Edit

Once you have an idea of what you want to be, get out there and start training! If you have more questions, make sure to check out our other pages, and remember, we will be with you all the way to the top! --- R4z0r