Staff of the Wikia

These players are staff on the wikia only. I choose wikia staff for their contributions to the wikia, as well as in-game. They have no powers in game, and are not to be looked upon as such.

Burocrats(Rank 4)-

R4z0r Bl4d3, Mvman32(retired)

Admins Rank 3-

EMT Julianna

Chris20771- (suspended {inactivity on Yanille} )

Admins Rank 2-


Admins Rank 1-

1coolshadow (suspended {inactivity on Yanille} )

Admins in training-

Alexisboss- *Sniff*...banned from yanille...*Snfiff*

Respected Users-


Pwnage Steel


Brock lesnar

Glory Pker