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Knowing your skills ♦ ♦

So, you want to be a skiller, huh? Well what's the most important part of being one? Knowing what they do of course!

The various skills can be quite diverce, but all are in some way usefull. Here are the skills and what they do.

Combat skills:

Attack- This is your basic fighting skill. Not only does it allow you to wield better weapons, but increases your melee hit rate! Click on attack in the skills panel to see the weapon level requirements.

Strength- Simplicity is the best weapon. Level this to increase your damage from melee hits!

Defence- Why heal if you dont get hurt in the first place? A high defence lets you wear good armour, and block more hits!

Range- Death from above! Use this skill to wield better bows, and deal more damage!

Mage- Magic a is very usefull skill to have, as it's ice barrage wreaks havoc apon your enemies!
-note*- magic may be really useful and way more powerful than any skills, as it can ice barrage. (freeze 30 seconds and hit around 25)

Other skills

Some skills you just have no point in leveling, exept getting an higher rank in highscores (as the objective is reaching 4,200,000 exp).In each skills, you can max out 200m exp. Here are some to watch out for.

Runecrafting- It create big bones to get 99 prayer,

Agility- Only used to raise your rank in highscores.

Firemaking- Also used to get your rank higher.

Wood cutting- You cut logs, and can use it to do fletching, firemaking or sell your logs to Miles and Giles to get some money.

Cooking- Cook raw food to make it edible. This is really useful if you want to be a pker, because you can waste up to 500 sharks/manta rays in an hour.

Herblore- Also really useful for pkers. Making super strength potions, attack and defence potions may really help you, and could hit 20 more damage than before.

Fletching- Make rune arrows at the end. Really hard skill, but the shop often runs out of rune arrows; make 10k of them and sell for 150m.

Farming- Raise your highscore rank by reaching the max exp, and make herbs for 200m herblore exp.

Economic skills

Top 5 skills.

5. Smithing- Make bars into pure money. Give a little profit, may be good when you start.

4. Woodcutting- Raise up your woodcutting to 75 and cut magic logs, sell them to Miles and Giles for a great profit.

3. Fishing- Fish manta rays at level 73, sell them to the Fishing Lady, or cook them and sell them to pkers for even more money.

2. Thieving- At 85, you can steal the gem stall, 75k exp each time and 35k coins. really fast money.

1. Crafting- Raising to 90 is long, but there, you can buy onyxes and make amulet of furys, with a profit of 200k each (250m/hour)