Giant Rats= Money!!!!!!

The giant rats of this server are very strange. They have many thousands of hitpoints and are easliy killed! They take a while to kill and are in pvp. They are just like the green dragons and provide good experiance. They arent just for experiance either they have many good drops.

ITEMS: abby whips, and shields of a large collection, they also have many other drops just on the tip of my tongue. Sorry about that. The rewards are good money as they are worth 450m!!!!!!!

The thing i recomend for killing them is with a team of friends. Because its in the pvp area, adn people will try to kill you, so have many high levels with you. A hint to this is begin as a ranger. If you stand just north of the pvp area, it will say you are in pvp, and can shoot through the wall at the rats. Just be carefull when you run in to claim your loot! They take a while to kill so have someone to talk to. If you melee try tot look like your not worth killing. The rats hit really low, so go in with JUST a weapon to avoid risks. Bring two or less items and dont attack people.

I recommend this strategy mostly to high levels, as people pick on low levels and dont mess with higher ones. Never attack anyone at all besides the rat as that will make u keep no items at all. Kill these rats when the server isnt busy. I use dharoks cause its cheap and strong! If u are hunting for money or items dont do this its very risky but can prove well in the end... Bring food so that u dont die from players. If you can use sharks they are fast healing food!

Happy hunting!!!!

Ranger good/ bad Melee good/ bad
They can shoot from a distance, away from danger GOOD They are in range of other melees. BAD
They cost money for arrows and bolt racks. (exept for crystal bow) BAD

They have a higher hit rate. GOOD

They take longer to train/ kill stuff with BAD They kill faster and you dont have to pay for ammo. GOOD