Money in easy step

There are many ways to make money in yanille. As it has something for everyone. Skiller, fighters, rangers, and mages! They got a way for all of them the first one i will show you is the easy, good money skill of thieving.

1. Thieving! THis skill is very easy to get up and works very well for making money.. You start by picklocking cages till lvl 80. From there steal from the gem stalls for a while. They give 35k each steal and gp really fast. As the gems dont disapear. That allows you to steal rapidly. It takes about 1min to make 1million coins so as you see it is very fast money. It also has perks like 99 thieving in 10mins!!!! This is good for skillers cause its a good fallback plan.

2. Dragon hunting!! Mage, and range are really good at this one. The dragons in this server dont move if you are far away and cant breath fire. They have a lot of hitpoints and drop good stuff. They drop many dragon items long swords, boots, chains, and so much more. So sit behind a rock or something and range or mage them. They have thousands of hitpoints and are really good training. They take a while to kill and are well worth it!!!

3. Merchanting!! Buy low and sell high.. The trick is buying expensive items for cheap. Then you sell them for more than they are worth. An example is water, bloods, and death runes if you buy them at the store sell them to players for more money than u bought them!

Have fun with your money