In Yanille, there are many ways to make money.

Generally, to make money you should start out with doing skills that can get you a decent profit.

You can thieve stalls north of the bank, until level 85, and then do gem stall, to receive a 35k profit each click.

With crafting, keep crafting amulet at dommik, south of the bank. (Follow the wikia crafting guide). At 90 you can now reach fury amulet, and get a 200k profit each amulet.

Now that you are really rich, you can now train on dragons with guthans. (follow the wikia dragon slaying guide).Kill greens or king black dragons until you get alot of bcp dragon claws and everything. Now you can merch, to get like a pk set. (Dragon Full Helm, Bandos ChestPlate, Armadyl PlateSkirt, Bandos boots and Barrow gloves). Now that you have that, keep merching or pk at edgeville to get more pk sets and money. -Note*- this may have risk because you can also lose your own pk set.