So, you wanna kill some dragons, right? Well first off your gonna need some guidance!

Thats what i'm here for!

STEP 1: Edit

To start off your going to want to have either high melee stats, or to have a medium ranging level. For melee users dragon killing is less time consuming, but more of a hastle. For the ranging players, it will take much longer, but you will not have to worry about getting killed, so you are able the chat with friends, or surf the web, etc.

STEP 2 (melee): Now that you have decided to melee the dragon, you will need 3 things.Edit

1. Sharks, or other food that heals alot of health at one time, preferably Mantas.

2. A prayer level of 37 (suggested that is higher see my prayer guide page for help). You may want to bring a prayer potion if you are a low leveled player.

3.(optional, but preferred) super attack potions or super strength, I prefer the super attack and then use ultimate strength prayer. Also I prefer dragon armor and scimitar with dragon dagger for lower leveled players; higher leveled players who have more money should use dragon claws or, bandos god sword and pk set(A pk set is Dragon full helm, Bandos chest plate, Dragon claws, Barrows gloves, Armadyl plate skirt, And bandos/dragon boots).

STEP 2(range):Edit

I prefer using ranging potions, and a crystal bow since you won't need arrows for them.

STEP 3(melee):Edit

Now its time to slay this dragon! The green dragons have alot of health points, about 2,400! That means they will take a long time. So now teleport to world 2(type ::2 into ur chat) now head west, you cannot miss the dragons. You may want to use ultimate strength or attack(prefered), if u have super strenght potions, you use attack, then prayer, visa versa ect. Then you turn on steel skin(prefered) so that when the dragon does attack with melee less damage will be dealt to you. MAKE SURE TO USE ANTI_MAGIC PRAYER! If you do not use it, the dragon can hit a 40 on you!

STEP 3(range):Edit

For you rangers it's easy, go to world 2( type ::2 in chat) then go west towards member area. Find the dragons by mining spot and stand behind rocks and attack them(bring more then 1 crystal bow).