The Barrows Armour: Ancient power lost in time.

Barrows and Inventory

This is my dharoks armor and other things in my inventory

The barrows powers of barrows are working in this server. The powers are

Guthans- It has a 50% chance of leeching life from something you damaged.(Heals you for all the dammage you dealed)

Dharoks- When at low health it increases attack.( It can hit 100's) NOTE: at 10% an below, it deal even more!

Karils- Has a chance of removing 20% agility. ( good against those people who use crystal bows)

Veracs- Has a chance of hitting straight through armour and prayer

Torags- Takes away their run.(So they cant escape)

Ahrims- Reduces all combat skills.(So they hit lower, and take more hits)

The barrows in this server are relatively cheap. You can buy the armor and weapons from Miles. He is in the circular building westt of the mining spot. (as well as an alter, and ancient magics.)

Barrows gloves are at the pest control. You can get there from the ship in the general store.

The picture is me with my items in my inventory and Dharoks on!

Enjoy your barrows!

Remember, each of the barrows specials effect a specific area of your enemys skills in such a way, that if all barrows outfits are used on one enemy, it has no chance. It will bo doomed to high hits, and low run!