Hey guys,

This is the guide on how to get 99 theiving on yannilescape, first... You will need: ABSOLOUTELY NOTHING! Firstly, i will state that for newbies... This IS a good source of money....

Right... Go over by the white knights and find the silk stall, you just simply click steal from silk stall until you are level 50 (i think) then go to the silver stall till 75 then gem stall all the way to 99 it will take around 90 mins....


Silk stall: 5k per steal

Silver stall: 10k per steal

Gem stall: 35k per steal!

This can make loads of money, but has no real use.... Be sure to save 99K

When you are at 99... Get 99K out of your pot of money, then go to the pub and trade with 'Bob' buy a theiving skillcape (t) Then u have your cape+99 theiving!!! Gratz!!!!!!!

This guide may be edited and have pics added!