Hey there its 1coolshadow again. So you wanna be a ranger? Great, just follow my steps and you will be to 99 in no time

STEP1: Get your bow and arrows fromwhen u started the game, if u dont have them n e more go buy some arrows and a bow, now go strait to the pvp area on the north side outside of it. All the way against the fence and u wiull be safe from pvpers, now attack rats until you are lvl 70 range.

STEP 2: Now that your at the range shop buy some crystal bows, 200k ea., and go bak to rats and continue the process, also when u r higher levels u may want to use some xp lamps on range to get to 99 quicker.

STEP 3: Now your basicallly done,getting 99 ranging is a very easyyy skill, it took me a day or two to get the full 99 with only using 1 lamp from 98 to 99. good luck hope this guide helps and have fun on yanille! :D